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I'm Carrie Sue Doxsee, JD

aka High Conflict Co-Parent Diva 
Senior Attorney At Law In Kansas City
High Conflict Co-Parent Mediator
Owner and Creator of Legal Lifeguards
and Lawyer Lifeguards

Regardless of whether I have my attorney hat or coaching hat on, I help people going through family law cases find the help they need at the price they can afford and get BETTER results through online coaching and proven frameworks.  You don't have to walk through your legal process alone!  Join the Rebellion against high attorney fees and traditional legal representation!  Don't you deserve to have peace even if you are going through a legal battle?  My Frameworks like H.A.P.P.Y Help,   7 Steps To Successfully DIYing your DivorceDelightful Divorce, Peaceful Parenting, , Score P.O.I.N.T.S, help you walk through the process step by step with amazing results and give you the confidence you need to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life. 

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Filing Your Divorce Without An Attorney


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The Start Of It All

On my way to to creating the premium law firm in the Kansas City Northland, I started looking for coaches to help me find the right strategies to upgrade my law firm.  Sitting at my kitchen table one Saturday morning, I saw this guy who looked so much like my son (who was off at college and I was missing terribly)... so I stopped to watch him talking about funnels.  This is when I started learning about how I could create content for my clients, create my own webpages, and only use my time once to help provide my clients with a better experience and it could be be viewed on demand so they could have step by step coaching through the family law process.  That is when I completely changed my outlook on how I would show up for my clients to provide better results, less stress through the process, and finally find the solution to charging them hourly for the basics they should get for free. I said good-bye to traditional representation and created Delightful Divorce  and Peaceful Parenting.

Know the best part?  I didn't have to feel like the Wicked Witch anymore when people called the law firm and couldn't afford my services.  Instead, I get to be more like Glenda The Good Witch and use online coaching so people get the help they need to DIY their own divorce and file without an attorney.  My DIY Divorce Secrets allowed me to use my legal expertise and give my community the solution for people who could not afford an attorney get the help they deserved! 

 Along the way I learned so much more...
So I joined the 5:00 am club, get up every day early (even on vacation) so I can help you through your family law cases and find your way towards peaceful parenting.  I've written several eBooks, started doing videos, am a contributor on, created a YouTube Channel, appeared on Podcasts, opened a new company-  Legal Lifeguards,  started my own Blog, doing the Divorce Lunch and Learn, Have a 3 day DIY Divorce Prep Challenge, and have multiple online courses including DIY Divorce Secrets.  I started a rebellion against high attorney fees and traditional legal representation.  I can't wait for you to join my tribe and walk through our legal journey with other people who are in the same stage of their life.  We can all find joy in this new chapter of your life together.  

I have lots of free resources ... just sign up for my email list and you can get just about all my resources for FREE!

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divorce lunch and learn

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Just not happy in your marriage and ready to start a new chapter in your life to find the life you deserve?  

Come join me over the lunch hour to find out how you can get H.A.P.P.Y!
Get the help you need to take action while getting prepared  and find the right person to help you get your divorce filed and start the next chapter of your life.
Regardless of what type of divorce you have, we can help you find the right fit help to walk you through your divorce without spending too much money, creating drama, or the Judge saying "No".

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diY Divorce Prep 3 day challenge


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Start your own divorce in just 3 days...

Join The DIY Divorce Prep Challenge And Get The Crash Course Training You've Been Searching For To Finally Move Forward With Your Divorce and Begin The Next Chapter Of Your Life!

File Your Own Divorce- diy

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Learn the tips, tricks, and secrets to file your own divorce without an attorney in Missouri without getting your pleadings rejected from the Court, yelled at by the Judge, or an invitation to come back and try again at your divorce hearing.

Skip the high priced attorney

Do you have a simple, easy, uncontested divorce?  Why spend tons of money you don't have when you can file your family law case without an attorney.

  • ​  HELP: We help people who can't afford an attorney get the education they need to represent themselves
  • ​  Educate: Simple and Easy Step by Step 101 Crash Course of what you need to know to act as your own lawyer
  • Support: You don't have to go through your legal case alone!  
Lawyer Lifeguards

Lawyer lifeguards

Helping Each Other Help Our Clients

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What if along the way you need an attorney to do PART of your case (Limited Scope Representation/Unbundled Legal Services)?

we can send you to one of our referral partners to help!

Want To Join My Referral Network?

If you are an attorney or even if you have a product that is simpatico with the needs of people going through a high conflict stressful legal battle, join my Referral Network and get in front of my audience and other secret benefits of Business 2 Business relationships.

diY estate planning



protect youself and your family

Don't leave your family with a mess after you die

  • ​  HELP: We help people who can't afford an attorney execute a simple estate plan so that their family has the peace of mind and avoids having the time, expense, and frustration of going to probate court.
  • ​  Educate: Simple and Easy Step by Step 101 Crash Course of what you need to know to act as your own lawyer and protect your assets and your healthcare decisions.
  • ​  Gift: Peace of mind that your affairs are in order so your family focuses on healing and not paperwork.  


Dot your "i's" and cross your "t's" to make sure you finished all your homework AFter...

Divorce audit

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don't give your ex any more of your money

Make sure to take all the steps necessary after your divorce to protect your assets and your healthcare decisions.

estate planning audit

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make sure your property goes where you want it to go

Make sure to take all the steps necessary after your estate planning is over to protect your assets and your healthcare decisions.

coming soon...

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Delightful divorce

Delightful Divorce.png

make your divorce easy

Filing for divorce or in the middle of your divorce?

Get the education you are not getting from an attorney to give you the confidence you need to make the best decisions in your divorce and avoid feeling like you don't know what is going on or what happens next. 

peaceful Co-parenting

What to Consider When Creating Your Parenting Plan.png

don't want to end up in a high conflict co-parenting situation?

Learn the tools to avoid drama (even if you have a narcissist co-parent) and create the custom parenting plan your family deserves so that you can have peace for your kids and minimize the two household headaches.

how legal lifeguards started...

The Full Story

Chapter 1:  Early Life

 Want to know something about me most people don't? I am adopted! At 4 days old, my Dad got the call and to hunt my Mom down... turns out she was out buying a new pair of shoes. They were super excited! Being adopted, it is important to fit in with your family. So, I actually became an attorney to fulfill my paternal grandfather's dream of someone following in his footsteps. You can't fit in any better than doing something nobody else in the family would do. My parents are the two sides of the coin of the American dream- one a President of a Steel Company and the other a business owner. My Dad worked for Steel and Pipe Supply in Manhattan, KS (home of K-State Wildcats) and took that company from nothing to having multiple warehouses in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. My Mom had a successful real estate company. Our family is like many families out there- blended. My Mom had my two brothers, Dan (AKA- "Golden Child") and Dick (AKA- "The Handful"). I am next and then my parents also adopted my sister Carla (AKA- "Spider" and "Miss Independent"). As a kid, I was always a leader... mainly in church. In High School I was on the District Committee to plan and help run District Youth Events and then on the Conference Committee as well. I was an active member of my own Youth Group, played tennis and debated on the high school team. I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of being an attorney when I attended the University of Tulsa School of Law..

Yanceys, Stacey, Carla and I.jpg

In a world full of blonds, I stand out as unique! 
(yep, that is me on the bottom right)

grandpa's stuff.jpg

My Grandpa's scales and gavel-  he was a Judge

Chapter 2:  Early Carreer

my diploma.jpg

In law school, I met my first husband. We almost couldn't take the bar exam due to crazy floods. In fact, we had to take back roads from Jefferson City to Kansas City to get on a plane to head to Oklahoma City to take that bar exam... but we made it and passed both the Missouri and Oklahoma bar! My first job was working in Joplin, Missouri for a general practice attorney. I worked there for a few years until I had my first child, Carlye. I stayed at home with her and then had my second child, Charley two years later. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last and I ended up filing for divorce- and a super crazy one at that... not only because the company my husband's worked for was being investigated by the FBI for fraud (total Jerry Springer story) but because I simply fell apart knowing that my husband cheated on me. Add on that he made a statement that, to this day, totally devastated me... So I totally know what High Conflict Divorce is all about... even if I was lucky not to experience nearly as much of what my clients experience. The good news is that my ex and I found a way to learn to Co-Parent together which helps me give hope to my clients that it is possible! After my divorce, I moved to Kansas City to be near family. I was going to miss my friends, my church (which I was super active in)... but I could not have made it in Joplin as I still had not healed from the sadness of divorce. But the good news is that this really was the best thing for me because my first job in KC was with an amazing attorney- Dave Gleason. This is where the seeds of having a premiere law firm were first planted. In 2007 I started my law firm, Law In Kansas City... mainly because my kids were super involved in sports-practices started at 4:00 pm.

Chapter 3:  Next Chapter

Being a single mom and working for someone else was tricky. I was super lucky because I had family support, awesome next door neighbors, and my son's coach, Bryan Elam (could not have made it all work without him helping take Charley here and there for practices and meets). Somewhere in the mix, I had another child, Caitlyn. Talk about a blessing I did not see coming. So between starting my law firm, a new baby, and all the sports (basketball for Carlye and football and wrestling for Charley), I was just holding my head above water... like all single moms. Then, sitting at practice, I started to talking to one of the other football dads- Todd. He had moved his son to our team and it was the only year he did not coach Carson. Well, the rest is history. We ended up getting married when there was a break in sports the following April. These pictures were taken on one of our last family vacations altogether... some of my favorite pics of all time. By then, Carlye was playing soccer, Charley and Carson were in football, Charley was wresting, and Carson was playing Baseball. Cate was just a cutie along for the ride. Blending a family was super rocky after some time in. So I totally can relate to my clients in this aspect as well. Eventually, Todd adopted Caitlyn so I even can relate to my clients on step-parent adoptions too. Now my daughter Carlye has her masters in Social Work and my son graduated from college and in his first real job while finishing grad school. Carson is out working and figuring out what he may want to do with the rest of his life. Caitlyn is in High School and is in choir in her senior year. pic 7.jpg
tree and kids.JPG

Chapter 4:  Entrepreneurial Attorney

Draye's Event in Dallas.jpg

My Mentor Draye Redfern with Ultimate Advisors

FHL Nashville General Admission.jpg

My First Funnel Hacking Live

Sarah Morrison.jpg

Meeting with other Entrepreneurs- my friend 

Jim Edwards signing my book.jpg

Meeting mentors-  not a good pic but OMG I couldn't believe I met
Jim Edwards... and it was my birthday and he and sang "Happy Birthday"

Working for Dave Gleason I learned two very critical lessons: (1) Automate everything you can and (2) Give your clients so much value they love your firm and tell everyone about it. Easier said than done. 

I had BIG dreams for my firm. So I built it out in pieces... an umbrella brand with each are of practice set up to be independent of the others. I am still working on this grand practice, but my foundation is solid.  But it still wasn't really enough and giving enough to my clients without increasing their costs...

I wanted so much to create the premiere law firm and find a way to have my firm be dialed in just like Dave did.

So I was looking... and searching... what was I missing? How could I make my dreams of the premiere law firm come true?

Then came my new mentor, Draye Redfern, and his coaching program- Ultimate Attorneys. I learned new strategies. This gave me an idea of what pieces I was missing. Plus I had someone in my corner. Someone who had the strategies I needed. Draye introduced me to the idea of what my practice could become someday, with a lot of hard work. In looking to find out more about what Draye was teaching me...that's when my prayers were answered...

One day I was Googling stuff and this video came up. What caught my attention was the guy looked like my son Charley. Then he said he was a wrestler... just like my son Charley. So I stopped to listen. This one video by Russell Brunson changed my life forever... I found a way to be free from tech guys that could take advantage of me... I found a way to leverage my time and offer my clients way more value and create the Premiere VIP Members Only law firm I always wanted... I found my passion and a way to love my law firm again.

I've created so much content... eBooks, videos, courses, webinars, so much help for my clients, and finally coming up with the solutions to provide my clients without charging them more money. 

Even better for me is that I found a way to help people who can't afford my legal fees. 

But the only way I could make this move is because I invested in finding amazing mentors, getting up super early to put in the extra time, meeting with other entrepreneurs, being a student,  and believing I could make a difference.

Chapter 5:  Giving Back

  One thing I really love about Russell Bruson is that he created a community- Funnel Hackers. We are a fanatical bunch to say the least. The real reason we follow Russell anywhere he leads is his commitment to giving back. Click Funnels supports some wonderful charities that build schools in Africa and rescue children and women from slavery (Operation Underground Railroad). In fact, they even have an award for their contribution to charity.

For me, my favorite charity is Feed Northland Kids. This organization is set up in our local schools to provide meals kids can take home for dinner and on the weekends.

I also want to help support our Clay County Juvenile Office by helping coordinate donations for foster kids.

It is also my dream to offer my DIY Divorce Secrets and DIY Estate Planning Secrets to local domestic violence and homeless shelter and other organizations that have residential services to help people get back on their feet. Each month I am feature an opportunity to give on our website and Social Media outlets. Our hope is to really expand our efforts in the coming years.

Operation Underground Railroad.jpg
feed northland kids logo.png
From Abuse (1).png
coming soon.png

Chapter 6:  On The Horizon

Right now I am focusing on creating online members courses ...
Delightful Divorce.

  • ​Step by Step Coaching: Videos, lesson plans, and additional resources for each stage of the case.
  • ​24/7 Access: Answers Frequently Asked Questions so you are not waiting on the law firm to respond.
  • ​Lower Attorney Fees: Why pay hourly for basic information? Your time with the attorney should be focused on custom legal advice!
  • Better Results:  How do you get better results in your case? Three ways... 1- Don't make mistakes 2- Education to improve your decisions 3- Great relationship with your law firm. Law In Kansas City University provides everything you need to improve the chance for the results you want.

Chapter 7:  My Dreams

  Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common... we want to be the hero of our own story.
I have BIG dreams to really have an impact!
For me, that means that I save a whole generation of kids from a toxic relationship between their Parents.
I get to save people from the hell of a toxic Co-Parent Relationship.
  I impact the judicial system and shine a light on High Conflict Parenting and Parental Alienation in a way that makes real change.

  Plus I have...
The law practice I want...
Working the hours I want to work...
Making the money I want to make...
And having the freedom I want.

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Your Compelling Strategy (Branded Term)


"This headline gets attention"

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Traditional legal representation seem scary or just not working?

Whether you are getting ready to start your divorce or you are in the middle of a High Conflict Co-Parenting Soap Opera, you don't have to go through this journey alone (regardless of your budget)!  High Conflict Co-Parenting can kinda feel like you are are in the middle of a tornado... your Co-Parent leaving devastation in their midst and you find yourself feeling like you are in some crazy dream.  Just like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, you won't be going down the yellow brick road to OZ without your friends who have your back protecting you against the Wicked Witch.

  • ​Don't Know Where To Start?  Nothing You Do Seems To Work? Get your roadmap for the journey ahead.  Just "follow the yellow brick road" step by step directions towards your Oz and help your kids find their way back to parents who can work together.
  • ​Don't Know How To Deal With Your Spouse/ Co-Parent? Regardless of how difficult the other Co-Parent or Spouse is, we can give you the magic wand to change the dynamic and find peace. 
  • ​Judge or Guardian Ad Litem Not Fixing Anything? The Court can't fix everything and you need to go beyond legal solutions to co-exist without drama and WWE matches all the time.

Me too! I have been looking for solutions to help my clients find some type of peace in the middle of the tornado of High Conflict Legal Cases. I have been reading books, taking classes, finding mentors, investing in coaching, and testing out new tools with my legal clients and my mediation participants to figure out how ONE person can change the dynamic of the Co-Parenting Relationship and completely change the lives of their children.  

I know you are the kind of parent who puts their kids first or you wouldn't be looking for solutions to this Co-Parenting mess.  Are you ready to make the commitment to invest in your children and bring peace into your home no matter how bad the other Parent gets? Do you want the tools you need not just to survive the storm but thrive in your home?

Don't Your Kids Deserve To Have Their Parents Get Along (or at least you can learn to minimize the drama) ?

Peaceful co-parenting

  • ​Ditch Drama: Find the tools you need to change the dynamic (even if your Co-Parent is a Narcissist or High Conflict Type)
  • CommitTake the Peaceful Pledge to put your kids first no matter how bad it gets
  • ConnectYou'll be part of the Peaceful Co-Parenting Posse.

Want to skip all the divorce drama and find a win/win solution to the division of your assets and debts?  Think of "doing your divorce together" but need some help? 

delightful divorce

  • ​Ditch Drama: Separate without causing WWIII and learn how to get the best results from your division of assets that is fair to everyone so you can walk away from your divorce friends.
  • Divorce RoadmapStep by Step Coaching of the divorce process and how to avoid getting stuck and making your divorce take longer than needed.
  • Difficulties Decoded:  Not all issues in a divorce have to do with emotion... most of the time it has to do with math and not having an easy solution for the division of assets.  
  • Mediation SecretsLearn the secret ingredients to a successful mediation and how to negotiate a settlement that allows you to move on with your life with the best results possible.

How Can You Be Happy Now... Even Before Your Divorce Is Over

delightful divorce

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